General troubleshooting for MacXL v.X

These are general guidelines and apply to MacXL v.X. Many of the suggestions apply to other versions as well. Here are a few XL04 specific suggestions.

These suggestions should be followed in coordination with the guidelines on Troubleshooting Office v.X.

Update Office

The first order of business when troubleshooting MacXL should be to make sure you've updated Office fully. You can find updates at Mactopia Downloads. See my page on Office v.X versions for more information.

Check for Add-ins

Add-ins are files saved using the Excel Add-In format (which hides all worksheets in the workbook), and are normally stored in your Add-ins folder (by default Applications:Microsoft Office N:Office:Add-Ins). They are loaded using the Tools/Add-ins... menu command. These files are silently loaded by XL and can provide any number of nifty features - macros, toolbars, menus, etc. However, if you're not aware that they're there, they may cause confusion. If you find an add-in checked in the Tools/Add-ins... dialog, uncheck it, then restart XL to see if the problem goes away.

Check for Startup Files

FIles in your Applications:Microsoft Office N:Office:Startup Files:Excel folder are loaded on startup. Normally these would be visible, but if the workbook is hidden (either via Window/Hide, like the Personal Macro Workbook, or because the file was saved as an Add-in), you might not know it exists. These files may contain macros that affect XL's performance - I have such an add-in specifically to set up XL the way I want it: toolbars, menus, preferences, macros, and application event handlers - so if you find file(s) in your startup folder, you should move the files to another location and restart XL. You also need to check any alternate startup folder that you've designated using Preferences/General.

Check your settings

The Excel Settings (10) file is a treasure trove of potential corruption. To test it:

  1. Quit all Office apps.
  2. Navigate to ~:Library:Preferences:Microsoft, where "~" is your home directory
  3. Rename or delete these files: Excel Settings (10), Microsoft Office Settings (10), and Microsoft Component Preferences.
  4. Restart Excel - it will recreate these files from scratch

If the problems is cleared, trash the renamed files (you will have to reset some of your Preferences).

If the problem persists, trash the renamed files and restore the orignal file names (if you kept them)

Other suggestions

See Troubleshooting Office v.X for more suggestions.

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