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In Word v.X and Word 2004 the Standard and Formatting toolbars (if displayed) can easily be accidentally undocked, causing the document windows to slide up underneath.

Here's a way to lock them in place so that you can't inadvertently move them:

Put this macro in your Normal Template, or another global template (i.e., a template in your Microsoft Office N:Office:Startup:Word folder), in a regular code module (in the Visual Basic Editor, choose Insert/Module):

    Public Sub AutoExec()
        With CommandBars("Standard")
            .Protection = msoBarNoProtection
            .Position = msoBarTop
            .RowIndex = 1
            .Protection = msoBarNoMove
        End With
        With CommandBars("Formatting")
            .Protection = msoBarNoProtection
            .Position = msoBarTop
            .RowIndex = 2
            .Protection = msoBarNoMove
        End With
    End Sub

Save the Normal Template, then quit and restart Word.

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