MacWord 2001/v.X Disk Full workaround

Here's the text of a post on 16 December 2003 by Mac MVP Beth Rosengard:

Microsoft has come up with a workaround to the "Disk Full" (not enough memory/disk space) error that occurs sometimes when trying to save a Word document. This workaround is applicable to both Word 2001 and Word X.

Brief explanation: The error is caused by having too many temporary files open, which is in turn caused by Word trying to maintain the stack (or list) of Undo actions available, especially for graphic-related operations. What the workaround does is wipe out the temporary files and, consequently, the stack of Undo actions. Word is then able to perform the save without error.

Workaround: You will need to install the attached template (FixDiskFullIssue.dot) in your Office:Startup:Word folder. Once installed, you will see "Disk Full Error?" on your File Menu in Word, just below the various Save options. If you ever try to save a Word document and get the error, just click on "Disk Full Error?" and you will be prompted to allow Word to close all temporary files. You will also be reminded to perform any desired Undo actions since they will no longer be available after running the fix.

Note: You must have Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) installed in order for this workaround to activate. If you have never installed VBA, you will find it in the Value Pack on your Office installation CD. After installing it, you will need to re-apply all Updaters appropriate to your version of Office.


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