Deleting the OfficePID file in the Terminal

At least on my machine, using the "visible or invisible" option in Finder's Find command doesn't work for the OfficePID file. Here's how to delete that file using the Terminal application.

Open the Terminal application. It's found in the Utilities folder of your main Applications folder.

You'll see a prompt, which will look something like this (with your home directory, or ~, followed by your short name and $):

    JEMPB:~ je$ 

Change directories using the cd command. Assuming that you haven't changed the default location of your Office applications, type or paste the appropriate path for your version exactly, or select from cd through /Office and drag the selection to the terminal window. Note that nothing bad can happen if you don't get it right, just try it again:

    cd /Applications\ \(Mac\ OS\ 9\)/Microsoft\ Office\ 2001/Office
    cd /Applications/Microsoft\ Office\ X/Office
    cd /Applications/Microsoft\ Office\ 2004/Office

Your prompt should now include the path:

    JEMPB:/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Office je$

Verify that OfficePID is in that directory using the ls command (again, nothing bad can happen). Note that file names in Terminal are case sensitive:

    ls O*

You should see something like

    OfficePID                   Organization Chart Template
    Organization Chart

Remove OfficePID with the rm command (again, case sensitive):

    rm OfficePID

Verify that it was removed using ls O*. You should see

    Organization Chart     Organization Chart Template

Quit the Terminal.

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