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Protect and Unprotect Grouped Sheets

When sheets are grouped (e.g., shift clicking on multiple sheets), they can no longer be password protected, since protection takes place on the sheet level. Here's a quick routine to unselect the grouped sheets, protect them individually, then group them again:

    Public Sub ProtectGroupedSheets()
        Const csPASSWD As String = "drowssap"
        Dim mySheets As Sheets
        Dim actSheet As Worksheet
        Dim wkSht As Worksheet

        Set actSheet = ActiveSheet
        Set mySheets = ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets
        For Each wkSht In mySheets
            wkSht.Protect Password:=csPASSWD
        Next wkSht
        mySheets.Select False
    End Sub

Unprotect just uses .Unprotect instead of .Protect

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