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CELL() and names

Want to put the name of your sheet in a cell, and make it dynamic so that it changes when the sheet name changes? How about the name of your workbook? XL's CELL() function can do that for you.

CELL("filename", range_ref) returns the entire path and worksheet name of the active sheet. A couple of notes

Here are some options for returning portions of the filename and path. Assume that these formulae are placed in Cell A1 of Sheet2 of Workbook Workbook1.xls, which is saved in the (Macintosh) Panther:Users:je:Documents:XL files folder.

Full file path, including worksheet name


returns (again, Mac path separators):

        Panther:Users:je:Documents:XL Files:[Workbook1.xls]Sheet2

Full file path

    =LEFT(CELL("filename",A1), FIND("]",CELL("filename", A1)))


        Panther:Users:je:Documents:XL Files:[Workbook1.xls]

Path only

    =LEFT(CELL("filename",A1),FIND("[",CELL("filename",A1)) - 2)


        Panther:Users:je:Documents:XL Files

File name only

    =MID(LEFT(CELL("filename",A1), FIND("]", CELL("filename", A1))- 1), FIND("[",CELL("filename", A1))+1, 255)

returns (note: there's nothing special about 255 - it's just a large number to make sure we get all of the filename):


Worksheet name only

    =MID(CELL("filename",A1), FIND("]", CELL("filename", A1))+ 1, 255)



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